Monday, February 22, 2010

The card box post

We've all seen very pretty unique card box ideas.  You know what I'm talkin' about?  The place on the gift table where guests who bring you cards to your wedding (usually filled with gift cards, checks or cash) leave the envelopes?  In today's day and age, brides have come up with creative places for them to be left rather than just throwing them on the table.  Though that is perfectly fine and always acceptable, it's kind of nice to have a box, basket, or whatever to collect them in so that they don't get lost, dropped or misplaced.

Some creative options I have seen are things like this:

Serendipity Designs

Some people like to get a little more creative and do something like this:

I liked most of these ideas...very creative.  And of course you can always just set out a simple bucket, basket, box, etc.  But one day I came across this super cute idea that can last forever.  It's a photoframe card box that is able to be locked with a key so you don't have to worry about people taking the cards out...hopefully none of your guests would do this but if you are at a venue where strangers may be able to walk by, something to think about?

I have had this box saved in my favorites for almost a year probably and just bought it yesterday with some cash I received as a gift at my bridal shower :)  Thanks cousin Erin and Aunt Sylvia! 


Anyway, I am going to put some pics of me and Mr Fix It in it and then on two sides it will have signs that my sister designed indicating it is a card box.  It's from this site.  It might be a little pricey for some but it's on sale for $69.99 right now for the 8x10" box.  And the cool thing is, you can take it home to use as a decorative frame even after the can even put flowers in it, too!

I'll be sure the photog gets some detailed shots of the little signs my sis made in the box on wedding day.  I'm hoping to have this in my hands within a week or so and this is one of my very last wedding related purchases other than the groomsmen's gifts and the candy for the favor boxes. 

So what did (or are) you all doing for your card box?  Or did you not even use one?


Nicole-Lynn said...

Very cute card box! I actually found our card 'box' this weekend! I saw an idea to use a large candle lantern for cards and loved the idea so that's what we're using!
This will give you an idea of what it looks like,

My Dream Ring said...

I really like that. And what a great way to display wedding pics after the wedding.

SG said...

Oh I really really like that! Very cute idea!

I bought our card box from Michael's. It was in our color/designs and was only $25. I had thought about making one but the one I bought was better than what I probably would have made myself :)

Bicoastal Bride said...

That’s a great idea! I love it! We’re most likely going with a cute cage for our card box.

PartyPlannerGal said...

That's such a great find, and I like that it's reuseable! I'm borrowing an antique cage from my florist - she is letting us use it for free, and I just couldn't pass the offer up!

honey my heart said...

ooooh, i like yours since you can display photos on it :) i had a simple circle shaped box, decorated in our colors.

Chocolate Lover said...

I love that this is something you can keep around in your house later as memorabilia from the wedding and even fill it with wedding related things! Great buy!

Sara said...

super cute! :-)

Mrs T said...

It's really cute! Can't wait to hear about your shower.

Gracie said...

We call them wishing wells. I had a black birdcage for our wedding. It was really beautiful but we didn't buy it as we got it from the venue.

Thanks for your lovely comments! x

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