Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Getting overwhelmed...

I am getting overwhelmed...there's still much going on and all is generally good.  But oh my...the days fly by like seconds lately!

And I want SO badly to sit down and catch up on all my daily reads of my fellow bloggers and I have just been so super busy at work and so super busy with DIY projects at home...really more just assembling stuff....but still.  It's time consuming putting together 180 favor boxes with tissue, takeout boxes, ribbons tied in bows and favor tags.  And then putting together 25 circus boxes filled with goodies for our family children.  But I can't wait to show you all the pics our photographer will get at the wedding of all these fun details.

I have also finally found the perfect votive candle at a local candle store to fit in my luminary table numbers so that I don't get the stupid shadow of the rim of the votive holder.

This week, I'm working on assembling ribbon wands and writing thank you cards from the bridal shower Sunday.  I'll post about these later this week.

I am so glad I am getting stuff done, but feel like such a slacker still.  And feel like I am missing out on all that has been going on with all of you!  Please forgive me and know that I will eventually catch up and be back over there...for now, I am learning that I need to keep my posts short and simple (and hopefully filled with pics).  It's just too hard to sit down and write some of the lengthier posts lately.  Which is funny since I am so long winded usually!

So since I can't seem to get over to all of your blogs lately...do me a favor and leave me a comment on this post about what's been going on with you lately!  Share something fun or exciting or something you're glad you've recently accomplished...and share something that you're maybe bummed or sad about or that is stressing you out that you need to vent about.  At least I'll feel like I am somewhat in the loop when I can jump back over to your blogs!

And before I forget:


PS  As of yesterday, we've officially received half of our RSVP responses back!  Only 112 more to go!


Gaynor said...

I feel exactly the same at the moment - eeeeek just 39 days to go!

So much going on at every second!

But things are progressing well with our plans; met the minister and finalised the service; i've started working on the order of service; getting lots of rsvp's back; tried my dress on the 1st time and i still LOVE LOVE LOVE it {just needs a few alterations}; bridesmaids dress fitting start tomorrow; bought Grahams gift; ordered gifts & jewellery for the bridesmaids & my parents did ALL the favour boxes which was fab of them!

Hope that let you know whats going on with me!

Gaynor said...

Meant to also say, hope you had a great shower and enjoy the birthday today!

Mrs T said...

I so wish I was there to help you tie bows and assemble boxes. They will look SO great. Your wedding is going to be amazing. I can tell already.

Brittany said...

Ahhh... such an exciting time! Enjoy it :)

thehickbride said...

Such an exciting time for you! I can not wait to see pictures! I know it will be absolutely fabulous.

I found a hall, figured out our ceremony with our Pastor, picked my flowers (sunflowers of all sorts!), chose our wines and now I'm arguing with my caterer! Lol.

Keep up the little updates! It's fun even just to hear little bits! I'm so excited for you!

Em said...

I'm so excited for you!!! Everything is going to turn out just fine :)

As for me: I had my bachelorette party over the weekend. It was insane. I'm hoping to print our invitations today. So nervous. I have SO MANY other things to do and I have no idea where to start. Yikes! And that's about it with me.

Keep us updated on your progress. You can do it!!

JEM - Aqua Bride said...

Just take a minute for yourself just like you did at your sister's wedding and breathe. And get back up and start all over again. (he he) I think you're doing great.
As for me, I finally, finally found a reception venue and it is awesomely fabulous. I love it so much. We're going to sign the contract tomorrow. Yay. Just try to keep us posted as you can.

Nicole-Lynn said...

Sorry you're feeling this way. Don't feel bad about not checking other's blogs though, it's understandable! I'm looking forward to seeing more of your DIY!
What's going on with us... I'll be posting about some things soon, but we've been buying small decor things here and there (on sale), securing our venue soon, engagement pics late march, and researching videographers! So much to do :)

PartyPlannerGal said...

Don't worry about being a little MIA - I'm sure we all will the month or two before our own weddings! Not too much going on over here, but I'm having my bridesmaids to the city for "high tea" this weekend to thank them for agreeing to be my BMs! I'm really looking forward to it :)

A Los Angeles Love said...

Don't worry at all about not visiting our blogs - we understand and we're cheering you on in the home stretch. Focus on what you need to do, try to recognize when you need a break and your project may not be worth it, and give yourself permission not be perfect and to just enjoy the process. You've done a fabulous job planning it all, and it's going to be an amazing wedding. Even if the votives don't work out. Because you're marrying Mr Fix It!

Bicoastal Bride said...

Hang in there! I know I’ll feel the same way you do in just a couple months when I’m getting down to the wire. By the way, in my blog post today, I talked about how you inspired me when choosing language for our invitations. Check it out and know that your wedding is going to turn out amazingly no matter what! :)

Pug(s) and Bugg said...

LOL... you wanna talk about overwhelmed? I'm with ya girl. Your wedding will be amazing fyi... youare on of (if not THE) most on top of it gals in the blogosphere!!!!


Bee @ BP Wedding said...

Take a deep breath... everything will be beautiful! You are so close and I'm so excited for you! Happy birthday to your honey!! Patrick's birthday is tomorrow. :)

Chocolate Lover said...

Happy Birthday to Mr. Fix It! I hope you guys have time to do something fun for it!
Don't worry about not being around. I am still stalking you to see what you are up to and can only imagine how busy you must be. We'll still be here for the recaps and life after wedding planning!
As for us, we are going to the printer to talk wedding invitations today! Hopefully it all goes smoothly.

Mrs T said...

Happy birthday to Mr Fix it!

Gracie said...

You'll be fine! You are so super organised. I was no where near as organised as you and it turned out great! :)

Definitely have fun with planning these last weeks.

P.S. Happy bday to your future hubby!

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