Friday, February 26, 2010

I'm a Bride on the Brink!!!

I'm really getting to the brink (see the P.S. below), but for now check out this feature I got to be a part of over at the blog on  I am so excited to participate in this fun little spotlight they post called 'Brides on the Brink.'  It's an interview with brides who are within 3 months of their big day and is meant to share some encouragement, advice and information with fellow brides about planning your wedding.

(Technically, I'm 49 days and counting now - not 30 yet - thank God!)

And while you're there, browse around their site and check out all their cool little favors and items they have to offer - I smell a giveaway coming VERY soon on my blog that you might be interested in if you like what you see at!  Check back on March 1st!

P.S.  Remember how I said that I was praying for the 'no' responses to come in because we ended up inviting 224 guests but our venue (and budget) has only been allotted for 202?  Well, as of yesterday we are halfway to getting the 22 'no' responses we need!  Isn't that silly?  I am actually hoping for about 19 more no's (not just 11) because I have about 8 other friends I'd like to be able to invite that are on our 'B list' still :(  Hopefully we'll get a ton of RSVP's in this week...the reply by date is a week from today!


Nicole-Lynn said...

Congrats on participating in the Brides on the Brink. How fun! I love myweddingfavors... they have some unique things and great customer service!

Have a great weekend!

very married said...

haha - i was actually going to comment on how awesome it was that you had so many yes rsvps! We invited about 120 people to our wedding about about 65 showed up. Granted, I got married on a Wednesday, the day before Christmas Eve but i was still a little disappointed by the numbers! :)

My Dream Ring said...

I am a 30 days and counting brida and just let me say.... AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! Ok I feel better now!

Bicoastal Bride said...

I loved reading your interview and can relate to a lot of the points you made! I can’t believe that I’m just about down to the three-month point now. Wow!

Bee @ BP Wedding said...

Oh cool! That is very exciting. And I love the name--Bride on the Brink! I feel my heart beating out of my chest when I think about having less than 30 days to go. Good luck with everything!

honey my heart said...

yay, bride in the brink :)

Mrs T said...

So close now. So excited for you. Mr B so wants to come to your wedding - he keeps saying 'Let's just buy an airline ticket' and I'm all 'You are a crazy person'. Not that I don't want to come.

We had two people cancel on us the day before. I am glad that people are actually RSVPing properly for you.

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