Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Lovelies from my lovelies

This is a three part post:

FIRST:  We got our first RSVP back from our invites last night and we just mailed them on Saturday!  And go figure, the first person to RSVP was one of Mr Fix It's kind of silly party type friends...he responded via our web site!  Yea!  So excited.

SECOND:  You know what's super cool?  Asking Mr Fix It to grab the box of 98 invites and drop them in the mail box at the post office knowing this is the first time he is seeing them in the envelopes and holding your breath with anticipation because you know he is going to flip out and make some negative comment about your super cute personalized photo stamps and the lovely envelope wraps you designed which you are in love with.  But...wait for it...my little lovely fiance shocked me when he looked at them and said "Is that our picture on the stamp?  Are you kidding me?"  To which I told him yes and gave him the answer about how much they cost (cuz I knew he couldn't get away without asking that question).  Then I said "But don't they look great, honey?"  And you know what he said?  "They look *REALLY* good...very nice."  Oh, how this man I love can surprise me sometimes!

THIRD:  In less than three weeks, my lovely baby sister (MOH) is throwing me my bridal shower.  I'm so excited about this big event to get all the ladies in my life together and celebrate our love and friendship.  (Have to admit that I'm a little sad a few of my super close friends won't be able to make it due to prior engagements - but such is life in this hectic day and age.)

Anyway, just thought I'd share the main shower invite she created with all of you.  It was not what I was expecting at all...but I guess my sister wanted to play off the fact that I love to cook and have lots of little gadgets and recipes and such for my kitchen. 

So in addition to this main invite, apparently there's also like some little inserts that may include something like asking the ladies to share their favorite recipe with me as well as something else regarding their words of advice.  :)

I've had a few friends say they think the invite is super cute and reminds them of me...so I guess she did a good job on the personalizing it aspect.  The whole affair has been a complete surprise and I have not been able to have any input at all which is totally fine with me.  I trust my little sis and I want to be surprised, too.

Anyway, this is the first party / get together where I'll have my entire bridal party together (except for my bestie who lives in Idaho).  I have been waiting for February to arrive for a while now...can't wait to share some pics and details with all of you at the end of the month.

So, did you have any special or favorite things from your bridal showers or is there something wedding related you are looking forward to as the big day nears?


Gaynor said...

Sounds great, the invites she made are lovely too, especially to be so personalised.

We dont really do bridal showers over here but I am looking forward to my hen weekend which isnt happening till mid March. I dont know anything about it except that we are staying away for 2 nights. All of my bridesmaids are organising it together.

Patience said...

I love the invites and I too am looking forward to my bridal shower.

PartyPlannerGal said...

Beautiful invites! Boo, I feel like my wedding is still too far away to be thinking about showers. But now my younger cousin got engaged (and set a date two weeks before ours! WTH?), so we should probably coordinate as to when our showers and bachelorette parties are going to happen!

Nicole-Lynn said...

The shower invite is adorable! so nice of your sister to personalize that for you! It should be fun!
My sister/MOH is hosting a kitchen themed shower for me early next year that I'm really looking forward to as I also love to cook and play hostess :) I won some giveaways and will have some measuring spoons as favors so that is one less cost for her:)

SG said...

Very cute invite! i'm sure you'll have a blast!

My MOH and I have been IMing today actually about my shower which will be in March. I can't wait.

Bicoastal Bride said...

How exciting to get your first RSVP! And that shower invitation is so cute! My shower is coming up in March, and it’s going to be a complete surprise for me, too. I can’t wait to hear what your sister has in store for you. Maybe a cooking-themed party? :)

Alissa said...

Isn't it exciting when you start getting your first rsvps? I remember those days. Love the invites those are adorable.

Sarah Ann said...

I love those invites! I really doubt I'll be getting a shower (and I'm honestly kind of relieved) but we're putting cards for recipes like you'd talked in with the invites to the wedding. Hopefully I'll get some good ones!

Chocolate Lover said...

So many exciting things! Rsvp's, bridal showers, Mr. Fix It loving the stamps! I think your shower invitations are gorgeous!

Ruthy G. said...

my shower/bachelorette party is the thursday before my wedding. All of my friends live across the US, so i'm truly just excited to have some girl time!

Mrs T said...

So glad you're man loved the stamps!

Your sister did such a great job of the invites for your shower. I would have LOVED invites like that.

Anonymous said...

cute reaction from your guy on the stamps.:)

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