Thursday, March 25, 2010

I'm a big fan - of our FAN programs!

Thank you SO much all you lovely ladies who overwhelmed me with wonderful encouragement in comments on yesterday's post.  Though the rest of the day led to more wedding related frustration (post tomorrow), the night ended with us having our final menu tasting.  We do in fact LOVE our caterer, Steve of La Finestra and are excited for the yummy food he's providing as well as how amazingly accommodating he has been.  So things are moving along on the wedding front. 

The last thing I just finished were the final elements of our stationery.  Let me tell you that getting the invitations designed and done up was a LONG process - but well worth it.  The benefit is that now that I have the same girl (company) making the rest of our stationery items, she has all the colors and design elements and knows what I am looking for. 

She has just shipped the programs for the ceremony and has the place cards and some reserved seating cards in production.  For the program, again, I wanted something a little different.  When I first found these 'fan' programs on blogs and web sites, I fell in love with them.  Even though they've probably become a bit more popular, I still love the idea.  Here were the inspiration pictures I shared with Stacia of Serendipity Designs:

How cute is this program (ok, it's not a fan -
but I love the little images of guys and girls for how they listed the bridal party!)

Here's some of the great fan programs I love:

This one is actually an entire stationery set:

This one was from the wedding that inspired my color scheme:
Joyful Events Wedding Coordination

Joyful Events Wedding Coordination

And here's the proofs of what Stacia came up with for our own program:

These are the lyrics to the song that I will walk down the aisle to...we are having them printed on the back of the ceremony page of the program:
And here is our final product!!!

Did you put much thought into your programs?  Was there anything unique or significant / special about them?


Nicole-Lynn said...

Very nice! I love how it turned out! :) I am also a 'fan' of the fan programs. I'm not sure if we'll do this type, paddle fan, or just a regular program. We'll see! :)

Chic 'n Cheap Living said...

That was the font I used. We had a somewhat fan program though the cuts were straight due to problems at Kinko's. Love the colors of your program!

Em said...

I'm jealous...I love your programs. Like, LOVE them. However, I don't have the patience or desire to spend a lot of time on my programs, so ours will be really simple.

Brittany said...

LOVVVEEE IT! These are so adorable. My programs will not take as much time and thought as these did. If I hadn't already bought the stuff to make mine I would totaly consider doing something like this.

SG said...

I love your programs and fan programs in general. I thought about doing those for ours but since I'm having to do all that stuff myself it seemed like it would be too time consuming. I bought our programs from Michael's to print and assemble ourselves. They are similar in that they have different sheets for each section and tie together just not like a fan. But I thought it was a nice compromise and similar enough.

PartyPlannerGal said...

I love how all of your paper items tie in together so nicely! I haven't given a ton of thought to programs, but I fell in love with something I saw on Martha Stewart, which was a program in a hand-stamped, muslin bag. I have a feeling our programs are going to be pretty involved, since we will need to explain the elements of the Catholic and Hindu ceremonies to each others' family members, but I hope we can do the muslin bag thing.

I always love the fans and think they are such a cute idea.

Kristy said...

I love them! so cute and elegant and a sure keepsake for all of your guests. We were going to skip the programs all together but have been trying to think of other ways to mention our readers and other participants - this is such good inspiration we might just have to go for it!

Terese said...

these look really great! i, too, have the first program in my inspiration file.

Laura K [AKA Miss Mojito] said...

they turned out amamzing! i wish i would have seen that first program with the bridal party figures... lovvvve the style! i also am in lovvve with your programs! i got sooo lazy on our programs but i'm happy with the simplicity and crispness of them. the first fan pic you posted would have been PERFECT for my wedding. great job!

Em said...

Yes! Your email helped immensely! Can't believe I forgot to write about that. Thank you again :)

Chocolate Lover said...

I love them! I think out of all the ones you posted, yours are by far the nicest! And of course unbiased me loves your color choices ;)
We are skipping individual programs and instead printing a large poster-sized program for the day, so that guests can refer to and figure out whats going on.

My Dream Ring said...

Very nice! I love those they turned out so great!

I am posting about my programs today as well :)

Eeeek three weeks will be here before you know it!

The Thirty-Something Bride said...

Too cute! My original program was a stacked fan style and I could NOT get the dang thing to print correctly AT ALL. I ended up returning them because there was definitely a template issue. I ended up doing a more boring booklet style, but I tweaked it to make it a little snazzy. :) In the end, it saved me major time to print the easy version.

redwhitebride said...

great programs! in comparison, ours are very minimalistic :)

Mrs T said...

Ok Seriously Stacey - just when I think you're wedding can not possibly get any cooler you bust these out. LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE them. Everything about them.

I so wish you got married before me so you could have made my wedding so much better! These would have been perfect at our wedding.

We ran out of time for programs all together. Fans would have been perfect - it was SO hot.

This wedding of yours is going to ROCK. Makes me want to buy tickets to the states on my credit card just so I can come along. I think it's going to be that rad!

Gaynor said...

They are gorgeous; I love the fan idea.

My order of service's, menu's, placecards, table plan, table names and all the favours are all done and just ready for me to take pics and blog about them before we take them to the venue!

buhdoop said...

We actually haven't given much thought to our programs yet. Maybe a simple program that we can print ourselves? Not sure.

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