Saturday, March 13, 2010

I'm not kissing for glasses clinking!

So you know the're at your wedding reception and some guy in the back of the room decides to pick up his knife and start banging it on his wine glass.  Suddenly, everyone in the room catches on and does the same and the bride and groom are somehow forced to kiss one another in an effort to get all their idiot guests to stop banging on the china they are renting from an expensive caterer!

Well, maybe that's not the right perspective on that whole thing...but you get my point.  Who started that fiasco anyway?  I believe it was a middle aged man who had repressed his inner desires to become Alex Van Halen and always longed to be a hard rock drummer.

Anyway, I refuse to do that at my own wedding.  So when the guests start clinking those glasses at some point after we've made our entrance (as I know they will), we will suddenly have the DJ make an announcement.  The guests are going to have to 'work' for that kiss if they want to see us smooch!

This is a new trend that started several years ago.  I've seen some fun ideas for this at weddings I've attended.  One of my favorites is having the emcee or DJ announce that if the guests want the bride and groom to kiss, they need to stand up at their table (with all the guests at their table) and serenade the bride and groom with a song that has the word LOVE in it.  This was fun...we did it at a friend's wedding and sang the chorus from the Bon Jovi hit "You give love a bad name."  I thought that was funny.

Well, for us, we are going to keep it a little less embarassing.  Remember back when I shared my centerpiece mockups that I showed this little silver bell sitting on the tablescape?

It's a little silver bell with an abstract man and woman intertwined.

Well, that little bell has a little place for a card to be inserted at the top like so:

It was meant to be used as an escort or place card at weddings.  But we've decided to put one on each table and make a little card that will be inserted into the top of the bell.  It has the following little poem listed on one side:

We won’t kiss for glasses clinking
But instead for this bell ringing
Just shake it high and with pride
When you can answer the question on the back side.

On the other side are trivia questions about me and Mr. Fix It.  Questions like:

*  How long have the couple been dating?
*  How did he propose?
*  Where did the couple each attend high school?
*  Where is the couple going on their honeymoon?
*  Where did he take her on their first date?
*  Name two common surf spots he frequents?

If someone at the table thinks they know the answer to the question, then they pick up the bell and ring it.  The DJ will come over with the mic and ask them to read the question, give their answer and if they're right, then me and Mr Fix It will kiss :)

May seem kind of cheesy and silly but I'll be interested to see how the guests do with the questions.  I will of course strategically place them so that I provide questions at a table where the guests will have a fighting chance of getting the answer right.  I'm not going to put a question about Mr Fix It's surf spots at the table where all my cousins from out of state are sitting, ya know?

So, what do you think?  Silly idea?  Have you decided if you're going to do anything silly or entertaining to get the guests more involved in requesting a kiss from the couple?


Bicoastal Bride said...

Sounds like a really fun and cute idea! I think your guests will love it. We haven’t thought about doing anything special yet, but may change our minds as the wedding gets closer.

thehickbride said...

This is too funny because I was just writing up a post about the same thing, but with a completely different opinion. We've been to so many weddings lately that make you do something to get the couple to kiss that it's just as worn out as glasses clinking! We've decided to just go with clinking glasses since that last wedding we went to had that and it was refreshing!

I still think your idea is super cute, it's not crazy like some of the ones I've seen. One wedding we went to your table had to build a human pyramid every time you wanted the couple to kiss. Alcohol and human pyramids don't work well together, one guy ended up with a broken arm...

PMerr said...

That's a really neat idea! We'll have the bells too, but I'm thinking we may just end up letting them ring whenever! :)

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