Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The fiance finally loved something about the wedding!

So as I have mentioned in previous posts, my little honey is not overly thrilled about much when it comes to the wedding details and planning.  He thinks our colors (an aqua/turquoise and cranberry) are too 'red, white and blue' a la the Fourth of July.  He thinks I am going overboard with things like favors and such.  And previously, he said he thinks I'm going 'over the top' with the wedding shopping and plans.  My response was "Hey, over the top is what people use to describe something amazing so that means I'm planning a fabulous event!"  :)

However, we did sort of agree on our venue.  When I took him there for the first time his response was "We don't even need to look anywhere else...this place is amazing."  He's really happy with the caterer we selected and seems satisfied with the invitations.

The funny thing is, he typically fights me at first and then comes around and admits that the things I have been buying and planning are in fact pretty cool.  Like when I showed him the favors I bought for our teenage guests this weekend (flashing mouth guards that make their mouths flash different colors when they slip them onto their teeth), he laughed and said the kids will love them.  But of course, everything is followed with "And how much did that cost?"  (sigh)

Needless to say, I was thrilled when he came over this weekend and saw the samples of the labels my sister had created for the escort cards.  I found these cool little favor boxes in the shape of chairs that we will fill with the personalized M&M's (they will have our picture on them - but not quite as this sample below along with a little message): 

I am also including some red Jelly Belly jellybeans in the favor boxes.  And on the front of the favor box will be a sticker in our cranberry color with the graphic design from the invites and the table number. 

On the chair back, you slip in a vellum paper with the guests' names on them.  We will line all these up on a table and then have little signs on the table that say "Please take your seat" 

A little play on the words as they are picking up a chair to discover what their table assignment is.  And inside they are gifted a little sweet chocolate favor.

Anyway, my point is...when I showed them to the fiance since he asked what the labels were for...for the first time since I began sharing wedding plans with him, he actually said "Those are really cool...that is actually very nice."  Wait a minute.  Hold up.  You mean to tell me that the fiance actually likes something I have planned for the wedding?  Ah-mazing!  Now don't get me wrong, he followed it of course with the cost question and went on to say we could have put out little pieces of folded card paper and saved ourselves the $80 it cost to buy the chair favor, but seriously?  Is he kidding me?  These are the small details our guests will love and realize that thought was put into every aspect of the wedding.

Here is a sample of the boxes which we will modify as I mentioned by replacing the monogram sticker with our own label that will have a table number and printing the names on vellum in cranberry font:

So what are your ideas for escort cards?  And have you found your honey fighting you on things you have dreamed of for your big day?


Amanda said...

Wow...everything is very cute!! Love the escort cards!! We aren't doing favors or escort cards but I love your ideas!

My hubby wasn't too into things at first either...then something changed and he was requesting all sorts of things...like pink aisle petals, lol. Sometimes they just come around!

PartyPlannerGal said...

Wow, I love those chair boxes! Super cute! Your guests will love them. We have too many guests to do escort cards, but I am going to make a large seating chart and dress it up a bit.

My fiance is the same way - he never gets too excited about wedding stuff, but always compliments me when I finish a project and it turns out well.

Born to be Mrs. Beever said...

Thanks, ladies...Just an FYI - Even though I have 200 guests, we're only doing about 100-110 escort cards. We are going to pair up the couples with one escort card so they will be listed as Mr. & Mrs. John Smith. And if they have children, then the children will be on a separate escort cards. This minimizes costs and makes it easier than dealing with 200. Just a thought for those with larger parties :)

Bicoastal Bride said...

You already know that I love your favors and all the creative touches you have planned! Your wedding will be so amazing. As I’ve probably mentioned before, we’re really excited about the wine cork holders and postcards we’re using as our escort cards. Each table will be named for one of our favorite cities or places in California, and we’ll be writing a personal note of thanks on the back of each guest’s postcard. So far, we have postcards from San Diego, Thousand Oaks, Sacramento and Disneyland ready to go.

Kristy said...

i think they are very cute and you can't go wrong with combining something personal and keepsake with something edible!

we're using vintage keys for place cards but i think instead of formal favors we're going to have 'smores kits and sparklers available for the end of the night around the campfire.

Chocolate Lover said...

I think they are super cute and am happy Mr. Fix It came around :)
We aren't having escort cards either and luckily Mr. Milk is very easy going.

Ghenet said...

Cute boxes! And that's a good idea--creating escort cards for families instead of individuals...I'll keep that in mind!

Katerina @ GirlWithARing said...

I think it's amazing that you put so much time and effort into all of these tiny details that make your wedding unique. I can totally see how to a guy it would seem over the top. I'm glad you're winning him over little by little!

I'm really lucky that S is generally excited/supportive of my projects. But then again mine aren't anything as complex as yours. So far I've only focused on utilitarian things that we really can't do without. And mainly very cheap stuff. But I'm sure as we get closer to the date and I do more projects that are just fun rather than strictly necessary, I'll encounter some of the same resistance.

Chic 'n Cheap Living said...

Nice pick Stacey! I love multi-functional things so awesome that they hold cute m&ms too!

It's always great when the guys are really into an idea (or when they own parts of the process). Makes our lives temporarily easier. :)

Btw, saw your comment on your 2 photogs - amazing cost! You can get tons of chocolates and chairs with the savings. :)

Miss T said...

Oh they are super cute! Love the labels, and the cute play on words. And personalised M&M's are so cool. We can't get them here!

SG said...

Everytime I bring up something new for the wedding Kristian fights me on it and wonders why we need it, then later once he sees how great it turned out he'll concede that I was right. This is what happened with our Save the Dates. He didn't see why we needed them and now he loves them! Men are strange. Your ideas sound great!

Anonymous said...

Those are going to be phenomenal! I think that is my favorite escort card idea ever!

Our at home reception is going to be so casual that we won't need escort cards. Now I'm kind of wishing we did. :)

As far as the guy is concerned...this planning thing is ALLL me. He basically gave me a "whatever you want to do" in the beginning and has only had a couple specific comments like certain foods for the reception. Other than that, he is pretty uninvolved. It's working out ok. :)

honey my heart said...

hooray for personalized m&ms! those are always a hit. my hubs wasn't into the wedding until the food and dessert choices were to be made ;)

New Mexican Bride said...

Wow you are so creative! Great job! Everything looks great I see why he likes it!

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