Monday, December 21, 2009

I want to sit at the kids table at your wedding!

One of my favorite things I have planned for the wedding details:  the kids favors.  So fun!  I almost wish I could give these favors to all of the wedding guests.  But that would actually be a bit expensive.  For the kids, you go a little more over the top...why?  Partly because children are the life of a party in my opinion.  Even when my little cousin came screaming as she crossed the dance floor during my sister's grand entrance, we all loved that the moment was remembered because, let's face are unpredictable!  And they are so sweet, too.

But the kids at a wedding may tend to get a bit bored and mom and dad won't have much fun if they are trying to keep them entertained all night.  I am still not sure if we are going to have an actual kids table or not at the reception...we will probably just have the kids seated at their parent's tables.  The only children being invited are family members only but that still leaves our guest list with 5 babies under 18 months old, 18 kids between 2 yrs and 12 yrs old and 5 teenagers!

We have decided to set up a kids corner with some paid babysitters monitoring it to watch the youngest kids.  I will blog more about that in the future...but at the reception for the actual tables, I have come up with some very creative ideas for the little favor boxes and treats that will entertain the littlest of these guests.  But first, here's a couple of original ideas I had which I chose not to implement but still want to share with you.

And for my own favor boxes, here's what I will be gifting for my dear little cutie pie cousins and nieces and nephews:

I have rented high chairs for the babies in lieu of the chivari chairs...trying to think of the convenience of my guests.  :)  Here's what will be waiting for each baby on their high chair:

And for the kids, they will find a fun placemat at their place setting courtesy of Jean M products.   We ordered the placemats in our wedding color with our names on it and it has a wedding word search, maze, and scavenger hunt on it for the kids to find things like a bouquet, cake, groom, butter, etc.

They will also have a circus shaped favor box at their place setting.  Instead of this flower on it, we will have a label with some fun kid designs and their name & the box will be in one of the two wedding colors with a box belt in the opposite color and decorated with a few paper flowers.  I found these pretty inexpensive at and they had a TON of different box colors and patterns to choose from.

Inside, they'll find the following items (see the slideshow below for pics and links to sites where you can find these items):

* 2 oz Play-Dough  * Mini mad libs book or Bible Activity book  *  Flashing sunglasses or flashing mouth guard  *  Bear Stickers or Make your own car stickers  *  Finger puppets  *  Silly flower straws  *  Jesus is the Light flashlight  *  Mini bowling ball set  *  Heart shaped slinkys  *  Frog photo frame craft kit or a Beaver magnet craft kit  *  Lollipops in funky holders  *  Gel pens  *  Hair clips (for the older girls)

My favorite two things in the kids box:  the Beaver craft kits (since my fiance's last name is Beever) and the flashing mouth guards which will only be for the older kids:

How fun will that be for the kids to be walking around the dimly lit reception room and dance floor with their flashing sunglasses and mouth guards?

There is plenty for these kids to be kept entertained with.  My favorite site I found in the midst of all my shopping:  (And yes, I found a coupon code online for this store!)

I will definitely post pictures of the finished product closer to wedding day!

So, what do you think?  Are you doing any fun favors for the kids at your wedding if they are attending?  You could also make these little kits for your ring bearer or flower girl to keep them busy throughout the day.


Gracie said...

I would love to be a kid at your wedding! It would be great fun. We are only having my nephews at our wedding so I will set a up a little station for them. Plus they are our ring bearer and bible bearer :)

PartyPlannerGal said...

Oh my gosh, this is just so amazing. I want to sit at the kids' table at your wedding, too! I have a mini-bowling ball set in my office that gets plenty of use. It's for big kids, too! You are so thoughtful!

Amanda said...

OMG this is too cute!!! I love the bibs best!!!

The Thirty-Something Bride said...

That's a lot of stuff! I did give my FG a goodie bag, but I did it at the rehearsal.
I might suggest not having the kids at the parent's table. It's so EASY for kids to distract their parents. Keep 'em separate is my 2 cents!

GREAT idea on the bibs!

buhdoop said...

I want to be a kid at your wedding! What great fun ideas for the little ones. I also want to have something fun for the kids to do. I was thinking of something like a coloring book or just having a table they can color on, like at some Italian restaurants.

Patience said...

I want to sit at the kids table for sure. Hope you feel better soon.

Katerina @ GirlWithARing said...

Wow, you put so much thought into keeping the kids happy - I'm sure both the kids and their parents will thank you for it!

We are having no kids at our wedding. Not by choice, but because our friends are all too young for kids (just graduated college :) and there are no kids in either of our families! I love kids, and sometimes I really wish we had some younger guests so I could put together some fun activities and goodies for them.

{The Perfect Palette} said...

such fun ideas.

Stacy Marie said...

That's so thoughtful of you!

Bicoastal Bride said...

I think having a designated kids’ corner with assigned babysitters is a great idea, and those bibs are absolutely adorable! It’s wonderful that you’ll be able to include the kids who are special to you and that you’re putting so much thought into making sure they have a good time. They’ll love those kits and will definitely stay entertained!

cupcake wedding said...

Uh, I want to sit at your kids table. That stuff is awesome! I feel kind of bad. If I was there, I would totally beg the kids to give me all their cool swag.

p.s. We are having the kids sit at their own table. I saw a picture of a vase centerpiece full of candy and I am totally going to steal that idea and put out games.

Miss T said...

They are going to LOVE all of those things. You are so thoughtful. And I adore those custom bibs!

New Mexican Bride said...

Oh wow! The kids are going to have a great time, how fun!

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