Monday, December 14, 2009

Music Monday # 7 (The Christmas Card)

For this week's Music Monday, I wanted to share one of my absolute (if not THE) favorite Christmas songs ever!  My sis and I absolutely loved the Partridge Family Christmas album when we were children...cheesy I know, but oh my, just so fun!  And David Cassidy back then was just the bomb!

So here it is for your listening pleasure (please ignore the kinda silly photos and albums):

Why do I love this song so much?  Because I think it just perfectly sums up what I would want to send as well wishes and blessings in a card.  What about you, ladies?  What's your absolute favorite Christmas song?


Amanda said...

Ohh Monday's suck because I can't ever see your whole post! (stupid work computer).

I love White Christmas (Bing Crosby). Every year I hope for a white christmas and there is just something so romantic about that song!

Bicoastal Bride said...

I love all Christmas music, but my favorite traditional song is probably “Do You Hear What I Hear?” I also love the “The Bells of Saint Paul” by Linda Eder. If you’ve never heard her music, I definitely recommend checking it out. She’s been on Broadway and has the most beautiful voice.

Leesie said...

Hi there, I bumped into your blog and I'm so glad I did because I see you live in OC, and I'm here too. I love Christmas music too, thanks for the pick.

Miss T said...

I'm with Amanda - White Christmas all the way. Can't believe it's nearly Christmas - I'm too preoccupied with wedding!

New Mexican Bride said...

I love Christmas music! My favorite song I'd say is Hark the Harald Angels Sing or The Star Still Shines by Diamond Rio (great cd)!

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