Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Budget brides: Don't forget to use your wedding coupons!

So over the summer I was having SO much fun purchasing all of the little things online.  Here's what I have so far:
* Black Gloss Gable Boxes for Out of Town Guest Gift Bags

* My Memorial Vases courtesy of Jean M products (a small one for my fiance's mother and the larger one for my grandmother, grandfather and aunt)


* My toasting flutes courtesy of Get Married's shop

* Bridesmaid Gifts:  Jewelry Rolls (from and Blue Parasols



* My Guestbook (Super excited about this fun idea from a previous blog post)


* Favor boxes (chinese takeout boxes) from

I made all of these purchases online and I always suggest taking plenty of time to browse the internet and see what you can do to 'bargain shop.'  But here are my latest tidbits of advice for wedding shopping:

Use the net and use your coupons!

That's right, I said coupons.  I recently discovered that you can do a google search for coupon codes by putting in the store name and the words 'promo code'.  I was able to get free shipping and save 5%  by using an online coupon I found and I saved 10% off my Guestbook by using a code that I found online.

Another great site I used to find a lot of my little detail items is This site will let you type in a description or item name and it will bring up literally hundreds of stores online that are selling the items.  Don't get me wrong, it takes some leg work to find the best deal...I found a site that had my favors for 88 cents each but once I saw what the shipping costs were, the site was actually not that cheap. But I did find a site to buy my placecards from!  Definitely play with this site.

And I already mentioned in a previous post about why it's a good idea to buy items sooner than later for your wedding needs.  But another reason it's a good idea to start shopping sooner than later is that once you decide what you want, you can take your time browsing the net and your fave sites for when sales come up.

I listed a lot of information above because these are sites that I have found have the best deals for a lot of items that many of you may need...trying to save you some leg work.  The gable boxes for example - I bought 50 of them from this supplier rather than the 25 I would probably need because it was actually cheaper to buy more from a wholesale supplier than to try to buy the amount I needed from gift stores and such.

So ladies - any other suggestions for how to bargain shop?


Nicole-Lynn said...

I also use the promo codes/coupons online. Also, signing up for newsletters via email can save you money. Sometimes only email subscribers receive special discounts, such as Michaels. They are now just sending coupons via email.

Patience said...

Thanks!! This is great information. I typically just sign up for different sites email offers.

PartyPlannerGal said...

Thanks for the tips! I am admittedly a bad bargain shopper, but I'd like to get better at it!

Pug(s) and Bugg said...

SO TRUE!!!!! I try to not buy ANYTHING without a coupon now.


saltsays said...

You always post such great stuff on here. Are those your actual toasting flutes? I think those are the coolest ones I've ever seen!!!

Bicoastal Bride said...

That’s great advice and so true! I’ve also scored great deals with coupons, and can’t believe all of the generous giveaways and contests I’ve come across through the blogs I follow. So far, I won a $25 gift card for a card box, plus a couple custom candy bar samples. And I’ve found the best items for great prices on sites like Etsy.

Leesie said...

I love the parasols idea super cute, sounds like your doing a great job saving money. We made petal toss cones ourselves, found placecards at a 99 cent store and printed off our own thank you cards to save some money.

Miss T said...

Those Jewelry Rolls are so lovely. And I love those neat toasting flutes.

Cam said...

You are sooo right about figuring out what you want early so you can really surf the net and find the best deal!!

very married said...

those toasting flutes look awesome!

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