Tuesday, November 10, 2009

From food to animal: My new last name

So my last name is Campbell...soon to be Beever (with an e). 

My entire life I've been referred to by nicknames such as Campbell Soup, Soup, Sopita, etc.  It's kind of a no brainer that my last name is pretty famous, common, but still famous.  I love my last name.  My sister loves it because her initials were JC growing up (like Jesus Christ - not in a blasphemous way...she just liked having that connection).  I actually have two middle names (Lee Ann)...thus my initials were always SLAC.  Kinda silly but whatever...until now.

I am now going from a 'soup' to an 'animal' (beaver) as my friend, Kristin likes to say.  Even though the Beever is not spelled like the animal, the name still gets referred to as such.  Now my initials will be SLAB...I don't think I like that.  And I know I don't like Stacey Beever as opposed to Stacey Campbell...this has been my name for 37 years afterall! 

I'm scared...I say my new name...have not practiced writing it yet...but I say it.  It scares me.  But I am a traditional woman who will take on her husband's last name.  Ugh!  Beever...

I do however love my blogging name "Born to Be Mrs. Beever."  Something about it just speaks to me :)  And now you know the history behind my handle. 

So...do you have any little stories, thoughts or ideas about your blogging name, your new last name or the dilemma of whether or not to keep, hyphenate or take on a new last name?


PartyPlannerGal said...

Oh, yes, the name saga! At first I thought I wouldn't change mine, and the fiance would never make me, but I can tell that he would like me to. I think I'm going to keep my last name professionally and officially (it's really a pain to change your name with the California State Bar), but drop my middle name and take on his last name for everything else. For now. Until I test it out and see how I like it!

A Creative Bride said...

Ahhh the double name, for you it's a middle name, but for me it's my first and middle. I go by both my first and middle name on a daily basis, and traditionally you are supposed to drop your middle name and take on your maiden and new last name. For me I am just moving everything up one. So my new first name will be double, then my maiden, and finally the new "L"ast name :)

But it is exciting to say the new name out loud. Seems very surreal! I've practiced writing it b/c I want to get comfortable with it before I have to use it. I doodle when I'm at work.

very married said...

oh my gosh. i totally understand. i'm totally freaked about changing my name. and i actually LIKE my new name better! but i mean, it's weird to go 25 years as one person and then change it. weird!

Becs said...

I cried when I officially changed my name. I felt like I was losing part of my identity. I have been married for a month and it is getting a little easier. It will definitely take time to adjust though.

Anonymous said...

I am excited, but also really freaked out to change my name. It's something I've been carrying around with me for 30+ years so it feels weird that it will be different in a few months. I'm a traditional person though and it never occurred to me to keep my name or hyphenate.

Oh and I have practiced writing it, but it doesn't look right yet. I'm terrible at cursive letter "E"s (which will be the first letter of my new last name).

Chocolate Lover said...

I've decided just to keep my name. Mr. Milk doesn't mind all that much and I figured even if I hyphenated, I'd still mostly be called by his last name. So name stays as is legally.
I too like your blogging name btw!

honey my heart said...

i do plan to change my last name, but am trying to wait a while before i officially do. it's hard to say goodbye to something that has been part of your life for so long.

Miss T said...

I think Beever is cute.

Before I got engaged I always thought I'd keep my own name. But then things went a bit crazy with my own Dad, I thought - I don't need his name anymore.

Also Mr B's parents have a different last name to his as he has his fathers last name (he passed away). So only he and his brother have it. Feels a bit special to have our own name.

Plus I think it's nice for everyone in the family to have the same name when you have kids.

AmyKristen said...

I like Beever! I got lucky with a simple name--I went from Amy Lynch to Amy Reid! :) But I am super traditional, like you, and I would've taken my husband's name NO MATTER WHAT! :)

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