Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Wedding arguments, cockroaches, gnats and heart attacks

Yes, this is what my day yesterday consisted of.  (sigh)

First, Mr. Fix It (see previous post) and I got into a 30 second snappish fight over how he can't wait until this wedding is over because I am so OCD about all the details.  What brought on this little spurt from him?  The fact that I casually mentioned during our morning conversation that I wanted to check out some hotel blocks this month since the wedding is now 5 1/2 months away and we do in fact have many guests coming from out of town.  Not a ton, but enough to need at least 10 hotel rooms probably.  So in his defense he was super stressed yesterday and had a lot on his mind...it probably was not the best day for me to start off his hard working Monday with wedding talk.  I learned that lesson and moved on.

Then when he called me an hour later while sitting at my desk going through the mail, I felt a little somethin' somethin' on my toe...only to look down and discover a cockroach scurrying off my flip flop wearing toes and across my office floor!  EWWWW!!!!   I flipped out and screamed obnoxiously...almost giving Mr. Fix It a huge heart attack (more to come on that topic).  I think I even dropped an F bomb and if you know me you know that very rarely do any true swear words come out of my mouth.

Onto the end of the day (thank gosh!)...on my way back from checking the mail box a stupid gnat flew right in front of my face...and then into my eye!  I grabbed my eye only to find it suddenly stinging crazy and feeling like the little bugger was scratching my cornea!  I ran into the house desparately trying to flush it out...no such luck.  I tried to pull back my eyelid to see if I could see it.  I just knew it was there!  I grabbed a Q-tip (I know you shouldn't do this) and spotted the thing up on the top of my lid...I needed that Q-tip...it wasn't coming out otherwise.  Crisis averted but unfortunately my eye looks like it got scratched or has a spot on it or something.

So after sitting down to try to catch the Monday Night Football game (Go Saints btw - it's 28 to 24 as I type), I get a phone call from my dad's wife.  Back story:  I barely know her, have met her twice and she doesn't really want my dad to have much of a role in our lives anymore...jealous much?  Still?  Strange since he and my mother have been divorced for almost 20 years and since my dad lives in Texas, my sister and I rarely see him.  We are not super close but he is still my dad and I still need him there to walk me down that aisle and give me away come April 16th.

So I was not thrilled when I answered the phone only to have his wife inform me that he had a heart attack and was in the hospital.  I remained calm...asked her to give me all the details.  Did he collapse?  Where was he?  Did he need surgery?  Is he okay now?  What's the prognosis?  She told me that he had 3 clogged arteries and had a stint put in.  Luckily, he went to an urgent care in the morning on his way to work when he was having real bad chest pains.  They rushed him to the hospital.  He should hopefully be okay but they will have to monitor him and he will be in the hospital for a while.  What does *that* mean? 

So I hung up the phone and tried to reach my sister...no answer, tried to reach my mom...no answer.  Left them both texts to call me immediately.  Then called my Mr. Fix It.  As soon as he answered he said "Honey, I'm super busy at work...what do you need?  I can't talk."  I started to say "My dad..." and then I lost it.  Totally started bawling and he immediately kicked into comforting mode trying to make sure my father hadn't passed away suddenly.  After finally regaining some composure I told him what happened and he prayed with me and calmed me down.  I then proceeded to call other family and spread the word to friends asking for prayer.

Now it's 8:30...as soon as the game is over I'm watching DWTS and trying to keep my mind on positive thoughts...I'm sure he'll be okay, but man...could this day have been any more frustrating?!  For reference, here's a pic of me, mom, dad, sis and my daughter from sister's wedding 3 years ago.  :)


Gonna Be His Mrs. said...

I am so very sorry about your dad...I'm sure he'll be fine. I will add him to my prayers.

Westside Wedding said...

I hope everything will be ok with your dad, sending good vibes & virtual hug your way.

A. Marigold said...

I'm so sorry about your dad! That call must have been terrifying. I hope he will be okay and will keep you and your family in my thoughts.

PartyPlannerGal said...

I'm so sorry that you had to deal with so much in one day! I'm glad that your dad is OK, and just wanted to say that your daughter is lovely, just like you!

Morgan said...

What a rough day, I hope your father and your eye are feeling better soon! Sending web *HUGS* your way!

Chocolate Lover said...

So sorry to hear about your dad Stacey! Will be thinking about you are your family! Let us know how he's doing.

New Mexican Bride said...

wow what a day, you poor thing. I think life tends to throw lots of things at us all at once to see how we can deal with it. I am sorry to hear about you Dad. I will pray for your Dad and I hope he recovers fast.

honey my heart said...

thoughts and prayers to your dad! hope he has a speedy recovery. stay strong.

D. Marie said...

I hope your dad is getting better and that you are ok as well. This is a beautiful family photo from your sister's wedding. You look great and your daughter is adorable.

Miss T said...

You weren't kidding about your bad day huh!? Mine was nothing compared to this. You poor thing.

Firstly - that gnat in your eye - OUCH! I hope it's ok.

Secondly - Gee I hope your Dad is ok. That must be scary not being there and not really knowing what is going on. Will keep thinking good thoughts for you. x

Your story with your Dad sounds similar to mine. What is up with crazy new partners? I was hoping it would get better with my Dad, but I think it will end up like yours. Is she invited to the wedding?

Lastly - How much do you look like your sister in that photo!

Hope today is a better day x

Born to be Mrs. Beever said...

Aw, ladies...thanks so much! I am overwhelmed by your kind comments and so glad to have a place to vent about stuff. Today was a better day and I am hoping to talk to my dad tomorrow or the next day. So far, he is doing okay but there is still much we don't know.

Miss T - so funny, everyone thinks my sis and I are twins but she is actually 20 months younger than me. Most people also think our mother is our sister and my daughter is my 'mini-me.' She is scary similar to me in looks and life. I will have to post in the future about my dad's wife and her presence at the wedding...you brought up a whole issue I had forgotten about :) But to answer, yes she is invited.

Thanks again everyone...will keep thinking positive thoughts and sending up many prayers of health and thanks to all of you as well...many blessings - Stacey

A Los Angeles Love said...

Sending tons of get-well-soon thoughts for your father and prayers for you and your family.

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