Saturday, November 7, 2009

Seriously Saturdays: How my wedding made me jealous of a child

Ok, so how in the world could anyone ever be upset with or jealous of these 2 beautiful faces?  I mean, cute are they?

This is my darling baby sister, Julie and her darling baby girl, Analeigh.  Is that just the most precious baby face you've ever seen?  And how gorgeous is my little sister?  (She also has a 2 year old boy, my nephew PJ who is just as freaking cute!) 

So how could I possibly be upset with either one of them?  Well, here's how:  My baby sis got married three years ago and ended up coming back from her honeymoon and finding out she was pregnant within a month...they didn't waste any time.  2 years later, Christmas morning, 2008 I got engaged!  Yea me (and the fiance)!  I was so excited.  We were also really happy for my again pregnant sister. 

By January, 2009 we had our date set - April 16th, 2010.  So exciting!  I began making plans, booked all my vendors, started buying little wedding related items and had the ever-so-creative and talented scrapbooking sis start working on designs and ideas for my big day.  A couple months later, baby girl, Analeigh was set to be born.  Her original due date was like April 25th I think.  But in early April my sis tells me she is having problems with the gestational diabetes she was diagnosed with and the doctors are just a bit concerned.  They'd like to induce her a little early.  How early?  Oh, they just so happened to pick April 16th, 2009!

WTF!?  Seriously?  I mean really?  I kind of flipped out on her and told her there is no way that baby better be born on the exact day of my wedding (one year earlier obviously).  How evil am I?  I mean how could I seriously let my wedding nuptials turn me into a nut job who would be jealous of her own baby niece?  But it happened:

I turned into a bit of a bridezilla...only aimed at the family!  How horrible!  I think I told my sister that there was no way she was having her baby's 1st birthday on the day of our wedding.  I figured that somehow everyone wishing my little niece a happy birthday was going to distract from what we were really there celebrating.  I insisted my sister tell the doctors that they had to reschedule and that they needed to let her wait until her due date at the end of the month.  How silly is that?

I finally calmed down and realized how stupid I sounded and tried to play it off as I was only reality, I was actually a little upset.  Turns out they induced her on April 14th so now she will celebrate her 1st birthday 2 days before our April 16th nuptials.  This of course will cause some sort of problem as I pointed out to my sister that it was not going to be easy for me to attend a birthday party the weekend before my wedding when I would be so busy.  And we can't have the party the day after the wedding because we will be spending that day with all of our OOT guests from both sides of the family.  And then we leave that night for our honeymoon which means if she has the party after our wedding, I won't be there :(  That makes me sad.

It also made me realize that unfortunately from this point on for the rest of my little niece's life I will potentially be missing her birthday parties as the hubby and I will most surely go away to celebrate our wedding anniversary on some years.  (sigh)

My wedding coordinator was sweet enough to say that we will be sure to have some type of 1st birthday cupcake at our wedding to recognize my little Analeigh's big day at our reception.  Of course I am excited to do that (now that I have calmed down and realized what an a$$ I was acting like).   I mean, seriously...why is it that us girls suddenly turn into a raving lunatic as soon as that little gem of a ring is slipped on our finger?

It really surprised me that I reacted that way.  So what about you gals?  Have you had any unexpected, out of body, unlike your personality type of rants about something wedding related?  Have you had any problems or issues with your wedding date that you are concerned about or could potentially be an issue for future anniversary celebrations?

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New Mexican Bride said...

I think it's because we wait all our lives to get married and then you have a special date to look forward too and someone else makes that date special in some other way, I can understand why you got upset. I think once reality set in you realized you may have been overreacting. I guess it's more of jealousy maybe? I mean it's hard to stand up against a cute baby like that! But at least she didn't have the baby "literally" on your wedding day!!! :) and yes they are just beautiful!

When we started picking dates for our wedding we ran into a couple of snags, I guess it's best we asked all of our important friends and relatives if they would be available on those specific days because first I wanted a fall wedding; you know the kind when the leaves are turning red and orange! I initially chose 10/10/10, it was the perfect time of year but my brother and SIL had already been asked to be in a wedding in CO that weekend. BOOHOO. So I was upset, I ended up just getting over it and saying ok start over. Then we wanted to do it August 14th, but I realized that is the weekend right before school starts...geesh I couldn't catch a break. So we went with August 7th, it ended up being perfect for everyone except we found out his very close cousin is getting shipped off to Korea for a year starting in June 2010, so they will miss our wedding. I think the date was the hardest decision for us. Also August 11th is his sisters birthday, so it will be hard with anniversaries and such but I was thinking of honoring her in some way at the wedding.

Brittney said...

My fiance and I knew that we wanted to get married on the beach. We both LOVE the beach, we've spent a lot of time at the coast, and he proposed to me while visiting the coast... it was just a no brainer. Unfortunately, the weather at the Oregon coast is WAY unpredictable and usually (75% of the time) windy and rainy. So, we had to be careful about what date we chose.

August on the coast is really the only month you can "count" on. So, I looked at the farmers almanac (yeah, I'm old school like that! lol) and found a date in August that's a Saturday next year that hasn't seen rain in 10 years and I told Jacob we were getting married on that date (Aug. 14). He agreed.

A high school classmate of mine got engaged about 5 months before I did, but hadn't yet picked a date by the time that I had. On MY 10-month-to-go point she posted a status update on facebook that said, "We picked a date! Exactly 10 months to go!" Apparently it was the only available date in August at their venue, so they took it!

We aren't particularly close, and neither would have been invited to the other's wedding, but we do have a number of mutual friends from school. Our weddings are going to be at the same time of day, about 3 hours apart, so I'm worried it may have an effect on my resvp.

I didn't bridezilla TOO much, but COME ON I did a lot of work/stress for our date! She just showed up at the venue and was given the date that was available. **sigh**

Miss T said...

You already know all about my dress rage! I think we all have a moment like this. It's very sweet of you to have a cupcake for her birthday at your reception.

buhdoop said...

I agree with Miss T.

My brother did the same thing kind of. He got married at the same time as the graduation dates from our high school. So he missed me and my sister graduating from high school to go on their honeymoon/anniversary trips.

Yeah, I was kind of upset.

A. Marigold said...

It's easy to get a little bridezilla about stuff... and cheers to you for recognizing it and relaxing. You'll certainly be at your niece's big, important birthdays (I mean, you don't need to take a big trip for your 9th anniversary, right?), and sometimes you'll celebrate with her early or late. It'll be okay!!

And yes, she is certainly among the cutest babies I have ever seen. ;)

Miss. Candy said...

I had a bridezilla moment when the groom's family planned a suprise 50th birthday that overlapped with my bridal shower AFTER they all got the invitiations to my shower! I thought that was just really rude!

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