Tuesday, November 3, 2009

My Mr. Fix It

I've noticed many brides on the blogs have nicknamed their future hubby's rather than use a first name.  I think this is cute and want to jump on the band wagon.  So I decided to term my honey Mr. Fix It. 

I know it seems kind of stereotypical...but it is who he is...both literally and at heart.  And to deny him that name (as corny as it may seem) would be to deny the essence of his very being. 

When John (now Mr. Fix It) was right out of high school, he began working for a large department store installing carpet and flooring.  Over the many years, he became more skilled at his trade and picked up a lot of other useful abilities.  Eventually, he started his own company and now does everything from installing all types of flooring to remodeling bathrooms and kitchens, countertops, etc.  Hopefully one day soon he is going to get the next step up the rung in licenses so he can be a GC.  But that takes some schooling and time.

Anyhoo, he bought his house as a foreclosure and since he's owned it he has put on a new roof, installed all new flooring, counters, bathrooms, a garage door, recessed can lighting, a new garbage disposal, new windows, doors, water heater, telephone wiring....I could go on but it's just crazy.  On top of that he can change the hoses, brakes and filters in my car.  Woohoo-screw you rip off, mechanics!

But beyond that...it's not just that he *can* do all these things for me and whoever else might need them...it's that he *wants* to do them.  I learned early on in our relationship that Mr. Fix It's best way of displaying his love, care, and affection for friends and family is to offer them assistance in whatever way possible.  (Once we were driving down the street and a poor older man was trying to push his broken down car off to the side of the road - Mr. Fix It immediately jumped out of his car and began pushing the vehicle and told the man to jump in the car and steer.) 

When he talks to a neighbor and finds out that they have a problem that needs repair, he is the first to offer his services.  He would give you the shirt off his back.  And that's why I love him...he is a servant, loyal, giving, kind, funny, sweet and sexy man...oh, and ever so handy around the house!  :)


Morgan said...

Aww, that's so sweet! My hubby is a fixer too, although he usually needs some encouragement...laziness usually gets the best of him!

A Los Angeles Love said...

Thank you for sharing. It sounds like Mr. Fix It is a winner in all the ways that matter. His heart sounds huge (and the fit-it abilities don't hurt either!)

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