Tuesday, November 10, 2009

I so needed this laugh today!

If you are not already a follower of Chocolate Lover's Confessions, you truly need to go check her out.  She encouraged me to start this blog and I love her great ideas and encouragement as I share thoughts and questions regarding all my wedding deets.  She even posts some great recipes to share sometimes.  But if that is not enough of a reason to check out her blog, then definitely go read her post today regarding this funny little gem!


redwhitebride said...

haha, that's hillarious!

All you need is love... said...

Thanks for the comment!
And thats exactly what I am talking about! I watched a video clip of her meeting fans backstage, and she walked up to all of them and gave them big bear hugs, like they were old friends.

NuFlaiir said...

I saw that over her blog…way too funny !!!

Thanks for the nice words about my blog. That was so sweet of you.
Your blog and tips are awesome and all the awards you’ve received were well deserved.
Love “Lil”… that is how my friends call me :-)

New Mexican Bride said...

lol that is so funny!

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