Monday, November 16, 2009

Music Monday # 3 (The Recessional)

First off, let me just say:  5 months to go today!  Woo-hoo.  I'm getting a little nervous but it's all coming together and whenever I share my ideas with vendors and others they say I will have a very fun and unique event.  :) 

Anyway, my fiance thinks about music and tells me has thoughts on things, but he won't share his ideas with me!  Supposedly, he has some 'surprises' up his sleeve for the wedding.  So frustrating!  Makes me nervous, too.  But I already have almost every type of song selection and music picked out for what I am hoping to incorporate into our ceremony.

For the recessional, I know I want something fun, upbeat and super duper lively to get the guests cheering, clapping, whooping and hollering and swaying to the music as we bounce with a jump in our step back down the aisle.  I also want to include some type of a throw back to the oldies as I really love the music of the 50's and 60's from Elvis Presley to the Beatles.  That's why I am hoping that this is the song we will have played right as we have our kiss!  The little intro gives enough time for us to kiss and our officiant to announce us just as we head back down for the recessional with our wedding party in tow.

With This Ring (the Platters)

Let's hear it, ladies...any ideas for what you want for your recessional?  Will you have a live song sung (as my sister did when 5 lovely ladies with an acoustical guitar sang All You Need is Love during her recessional) or will you have something played (like me) from a CD or .mp3 version?  Will it be lively and fun?  Or will it be traditional and romantic? 


Gonna Be His Mrs. said...

We just started looking into picking out some of our music last weekend, and we did decide on our recessional song. It will be "I'm Yours" by Jason Mraz. One of my faves!
I think I will also make this my post for today...I was drawing a blanks. Thanks! =)

Morgan said...

I like your song! I haven't figured it out our recessional yet. Our acoustic guitarist will be making me a demo cd sometime soon with all the choices (and he already learned the song I will walk down the aisle to for me) soon, and I'll pick then.

Blogger2r said...

I think this song sounds perfect for your wedding!!

Miss T said...

Love it - but you know I am a bit obsessed with the 50's so is that a surprise?

We are having Sign Sealed Delivered by Stevie Wonder. Ipod playlist all the way.

Gracie said...

Ohh mine will be a piano song. I will have to post it on my blog soon.

A Los Angeles Love said...

I've gone between wanting "Here Comes the Sun" by the Beatles and an Iron and Wine song we love as the recessional. However, since there's no amplified music system set up for our ceremony site, live music it is! We'll either ask a guitar-playing friend or J's former a capella group to perform something. I'm going for fun, he might go for more serious, my guess is it won't be all that traditional (shocker, I know.)

New Mexican Bride said...

Oh I love love love the Platters! What a GREAT CHOICE! I am still deciding but here are a few of my options:
Forever and Ever Amen- Randy Travis
Signed Sealed Delivered, Steve Wonder *(I see Miss T is doing that one!)
Come On, Let's Go- Richie Valens
Everything- Michael Buble

My DJ will be providing the ceremony music for me and the microphone, etc. I have a long list of seating music and will post about all my music soon! ;) It was a hard decision not to have a band or guitar player because I myself play the guitar and love music, but for the sake of our budget I am not having live music.

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