Friday, November 13, 2009

My FFF's

If you hadn't noticed, off to the side of my blog I have my FFF's (Fun Follower Friends). 

Well, today, Megan over at Bee Only blog became my 50th follower!  Yea!  I started this blog barely a month ago and now have 50 'friends' that I love to visit their blogs and share ideas with and support from.  I have already had some issues come from my blogging experience though... :(

A Cupcake Wedding just posted about her Flower Girl's attire and I fell in love with the dress she picked out.  It is so cute and even comes in a baby blue that *might* match my other BM dress.  The problem?  I already bought my FG dress!  But I don't like it at all...and so now, thanks to Cupcake, I may just have to put that one up for sale on ebay and purchase the new one from

What to do, what to do?  Anyway, just wanted to say a quick thanks to you 50 wonderful ladies who have decided to follow along on the path to my big day...and peek into the insanity that is my thought process and life.  :)

Now I am thinking that since I see all these wonderful giveaways I might have to join the fun and offer my own.  I am thinking that I will go for something good to giveaway once we hit the 100 follower mark - so stay stuned!  :)


Kristin said...

I also posted about those same dresses here! I think Miss Lab on Weddingbee is where I saw them first.

Luckily I haven't bought the FG dresses yet because I'm working on a second post with more. It's a hard decision! Lol.

Morgan said...

I agree, reading everyone's blogs is a blessing (for great new ideas) and a curse (for great new ideas when you already had an idea in place)! Congrats on hitting your 50 follower mark though, I've been enjoying your blog since almost the beginning!

PartyPlannerGal said...

Congrats! That's so great. Sorry to hear you had some fall-out from blogging. I guess it's the risk we take, but well worth the reward of having such an awesome, supportive community around.

Cupcake Wedding said...

Sorry about giving you dress envy. Hope it works out!

very married said...

congrats on the followers! how fun!

Miss T said...

Wow that is so many followers - it's because you are such a sweet heart!

I couldn't get that dress link to work - but it sounds adorable.

New Mexican Bride said...

The link didn't work for me either, I want to see the adorable dress that you wish you had chosen!

That is so cool, 50!!! Good job! :)

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