Sunday, November 1, 2009

Tell me all about you and your fiance!

So Miss Mojito had this posted on her site and I just loved reading about her and the honey's details of their lives and such.  Thought I would do the same and post my own answers regarding our relationships.  Feel free to copy and paste into your own blog and let me know if you do so - I want to come check it out!

1. What are your middle names?

Lee Ann and David  (He's named after his grandfather, mine is sort of after my grandma's middle name - Lee)

2. How long have you been together?
5 1/2 years! 

3. How long did you know each other before you started dating?
We met on - talked on the phone for a week and then went on our first we didn't know each other at all when we started dating.  :)

4. Who asked who out?
He found my profile and contacted me...then he asked me out to dinner.

5. How old are each of you?
I am 37 and he will be 47 soon...I preface this with the fact that no one believes he is 47.  He looks like he is in his late 20's early 30's and acts like he is a teenager.  He is super fit, active and young at heart.  :)

6. Did you go to the same school?
Actually, we went to rival schools!  My school (Orange High) referred to his school (Villa Park High) as the 'weenies on the hill.'  Villa Park bordered our city and was known as a snobby rich neighborhood.

7. Are you from the same home town?
I grew up in Orange and he grew up in Villa Park which borders Orange.

8. Who is the smartest?
Ha!  Depends on the subject.  Probably equals.

9. Who majored in what?
He didn't attend college.  Went straight into his trade after high school and now owns his own flooring/contracting business.  I graduated from Biola University with a bachelor's degree in business and organizational leadership development...basically a broad business degree.

10. Who is the most sensitive?
I am definitely the emotional one...he is a 'man's man'!  (Matter of fact, never once seen him cry - is that a good or a bad thing?)

11. Where is the furthest you two have traveled together as a couple?
Up to now, we've been to Cabo San Lucas, Las Vegas and Yellowstone (Wyoming) and Northern California and Oregon together.  But we will be leaving the continent on our honeymoon - more to come.

12. Who has the worst temper?
Definitely him, but we both know how to push each other's buttons.

13. How many children do you want?
Up until 4 months before we got engaged (after 5 years together), we always thought we'd have two more kids (I already have a teenager from a previous relationship).  But right before we got engaged, he suddenly said that he realizes he is much older and doesn't want to feel like a 'grandpa' at his kids' high school graduation.  So now we are pretty sure that we will opt for savings and travel and enjoying our hopefully future grandkids one day.  Besides, we have 7 nieces and nephews all under 5 years old right now between the two of us and I am sure there will be more on the way.  So it's not like we don't have children to enjoy :)

Update:  Last night while holding my 6 month old niece on Halloween, he suddenly says he thinks we need to 'have one of these.'  (sigh)  I looked at him and said, I thought we said we weren't having kids...we need to talk about this.  :)

14. Who does the cooking?
I do most of the cooking...he can definitely cook but I enjoy it better and am probably a bit more 'gourmet' than he is.

15. Who is more social?
Absolutely him!  And that is saying a lot because I am pretty social.  But John is the type of guy who will talk to any single person he comes across whether in line at the bank or grocery store, at a restaurant, at a new friend or family member's house...the list goes on.  He is more like a girl who won't stop talking.  But he makes me people feel really comfortable with how friendly he is.  It's what I love about him.  We are sure to make friends wherever we go.

16. Who is the neat freak?
Um, duh!  Me!  He is in construction and is a boy bachelor...need I say more?  He drops socks, food, trash, mail, keys, phone everything anywhere and everywhere and mostly on the floor.  He is so busy he rarely cleans and he has a dog.  It is a nightmare and I can't wait to move in with him and keep our place clean finally.

17. Who is the most stubborn?
It's pretty equal...we're both really stubborn...but ironically tend to compromise a lot with each other.

18. Who wakes up earlier?
We are both early risers.  I can't ever sleep past 5:30 or 6 usually.

19. Where was your first date?
Cheesecake Factory at the Irvine Spectrum center.  We browsed around the shops after.

20. Who has the bigger family?
Kind of funny..he actually has 4 siblings and 8 nieces and nephews whereas I only have 1 sibling and 2 nieces and nephews.  But his family doesn't really have any extended family.  They are big about hanging out with mom, Pops and all the siblings and kids, but he doesn't have grandparents or aunts or uncles that they ever see on holidays or vacations.  I know he has some out there somewhere in the country but he does not speak to them or visit them.  Our family on the other hand has tons of aunts, uncles, cousins, grandma, etc.  And almost all of them are very local so we spend Thanksgiving, Christmas, birthdays, etc. together.  On our guest list, my family is more than double his family. 

21. Do you get flowers often?
I am not big on flowers.  I love them, but I feel like they're just gonna die and then I'll have to throw them away and I don't like that part of it.  John has a large bush in his backyard that has plumeria flowers on it.  Sometimes when we are hanging out watching tv and he goes to let the dog in the backyard, he'll come back in with one or a handful of plumeria flowers for me.  I love it, it's so sweet and simple. 

22. How do you spend the holidays?
As mentioned above, with my extended family usually.  Turkey Day at Grandma's and Christmas Eve at my aunt and uncle's.  John spends the holidays with my family, or Turkey Day he goes up north to his dad's or brother's.  I assume once we're married I'm going to have to start alternating holidays and not getting to be with my whole family every year :(

23. Who is more jealous?
We don't believe in jealousy.  Our motto is, if you think I'm interested in or attracted to someone else, then I would just break up with you and be with them.  :)  There is not an ounce of jealousy between us.
24. How long did it take to get serious?
Funny - he had just divorced the previous year and was easing back into the dating scene.  He was still going on 'first dates' with other women he met online for several months after we had been dating.  But then about 6 months in, he finally called me his girlfriend and made it exclusive.  I don't ever feel the need to rush him.

25. Who eats more?

26. What do you do for a living?
He owns his own flooring/contracting business...installs any and all flooring, remodels kitchens and bathrooms, countertops, etc.  I am an executive assistant/bookkeeper to a multi-millionaire who invests in real estate.

27. Who does the laundry?
We live apart so we do our will be interesting to see if he relinquishes this to me when we move in.  He claims I won't know how to 'fold' his clothes.  :)

28. Who's better with the computer?

29. Who drives when you are together?
Usually him, but lately I try to drive more because he sucks at driving.  He is so social that he loves to look at people when he talks to them.  God forbid he is talking to someone in the back seat!  And he is a looky loo at everything but the street in front of him!

30. What is your song?
We don't have a song that is 'ours'.  I have a song that I will be walking down the aisle to that reminds me of our story...The Day Before You by Rascal Flatts


New Mexican Bride said...

Aww so cute! Your answers are very similar to what I would say. I'll post my version soon...

Crystal @ MyCarmelWedding said...

Cute, cute, cute! I had you both pegged for early 30's, good genes!

Brittney said...

It's nice to find other "online dating brides". The stigma is starting to get a little less as technology advances, but I still hate to answer the question of "how did you two meet" with "He picked me up on Craigslist!" lol

buhdoop said...

In our case he definitely does most/all of the cooking :)

SG said...

Thanks for the sweet comments. My fiance and I met on too! Yay for the internet!

Jenn said...

Thanks for stopping by, I am happy to have you as a reader! I look forward to following your posts!

; )


A Los Angeles Love said...

I met J online too. And He definitely wasn't ready to get involved in anything serious when we met, but when it's right, it's right. And patience is definitely a virtue.

thehickbride said...

Very cute! I love these little things, puts some more personalization to the blogging ladies!

P.S. I stole and posted this too! Thanks!

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