Friday, March 5, 2010

A big thank you, update and some sand, candles and water

First, let me say thank you so much to all of you ladies for your wonderful words of kindness and encouragement yesterday regarding all the stress that is suddenly rearing it's ugly head through my Grandmother's health issues and the wedding related items.  Yesterday was so good to be able to hang with her (I was able to finish assembling my ribbon wands while I chatted with her).  Though it was hard because while we were there they decided to bring a hospital bed into her home for her to stay in from now on and had to insert a catheter as well.  She is supposed to be on oxygen 24 hours a day but she kept pulling it out of her nose.  And she kept asking us to let her get up and go to the bathroom even though we told her she couldn't get out of bed.  She was in good spirits though and was asking me about the wedding and the move and all that stuff.  It was nice to get to see her as I have a feeling it will probably be the last time I may ever hug and kiss her :(  But she's lived a pretty full 94 years now!  It was very emotional and my mom and I cried a lot on the 2 hour drive home.  My mom kept saying how this should not be happening right when we are supposed to be happy and excited about our wedding.  But the truth is, as hard as it will be, life just throws you curve balls you have to swing at as they come across the plate, ya know?  The good news is that I have Jesus on my side and He and Mr Fix It and many family and friends - especially you blogger ladies - have been providing wonderful support and encouragement.  It's nice to have a place to vent.

Update:  I was able to renegotiate with my stylist regarding my mom and cousin who couldn't afford to have their hair/makeup done as originally contracted.  My stylist has agreed to let me split my mom and cousin's services so that they can each have their hair done for $35 each and then they will do their own makeup.  The stylist loses the cost of $70 from what we originally contracted and my mom and cousin save $35.  Everyone seems happy with this!

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Everyone is somewhat familiar with the 'unity' portion of a wedding ceremony.  You know the part?  Where the officiant asks the bride and groom to use two candles to light one together. 

Or the bride and groom each pour a vase of different colored sand into a vase together representing how the two of them are being intertwined and united as one. 

Source: My sister's wedding via Jim Kennedy Photographers

It's a very beautiful symbolic moment showing the beauty of marriage as two truly become one.

Well, of course I would love to incorporate something like this into our wedding ceremony.  But of course, I didn't want to do what every one of my friends and family members has already done.  I mean, yeah it's tradition and all, but you know me - I don't want traditional!  I want something different and never before seen at a wedding.

Well, my prayers were answered when I found this amazing little thing called the Unity Cross over at's wedding shop.  It's pricey at $99.95 but the cool thing is that I mentioned it to my group of five ladies that I lead in a weekly bible study and they all pitched in and bought it for me as a bridal shower gift!  Yea! 

Basically, it's two wooden to represent the man.  He is bold and strong and yet empty without the woman.  And the other cross represents the beauty and intricacy of the woman.  The pastor discusses these comparisons and then asks the man to place his cross on the strong foundation (for us it is representative of God's truth and love and desires for marriage).  The woman then places her cross inside of the man's cross and the pastor inserts three pegs into the cross to hold them together...they represent the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

After the wedding, this cross can be permanently glued together and then placed on display in your home.  There is even a small drawer in the back for you to place your vows in if you'd like. 

I absolutely love this idea and am so excited to not only have it as a key element of our ceremony but to know that it is a gift from some special ladies that have been a part of my life in such a positive and loving way for many years. 

So, are / did any of you have some sort of symbolic moment during your ceremony to represent your union?


Gaynor said...

I think that is lovely that you have managed to find something so meaningful to you.

We arent doing any unity thing during the ceremony but we feel we have chosen 3 lovely hymns, 1 our minister had never had at a wedding before and he couldnt understand why as the words are perfect, and we are also having 2 family members doing the readings as well.

PartyPlannerGal said...

I love that unity cross! I think we're going the candle route, but I plan to jazz it up a bit in our colors and add some bling. I'm a little nervous about the wind, though, so maybe we should do sand instead?

I'm glad you got to spend some quality time with your grandmother yesterday . . . she is happy for you, and wants you to be happy even during this sad time.

thehickbride said...

I've been eagerly awaiting this post for a long time now, since I posted our unity idea!!! Lol.

I really love your unity idea... It's beautiful and meaningful and even though I don't know you very well I can totally tell it suits both you and Mr. Fix It. The symbolism of it just blows my mind, it's amazing. I absolutely love this idea, if we didn't already have our very personalized unity idea, I would have definitely checked into this one!!!

Glad to hear you got to see your Grandma. My prayers are still with you and your family in this incredibly stressful time.

penga said...

wow, i love the idea of a unity cross, it's very pretty and unique!

Bicoastal Bride said...

I’m glad you got to spend time with your grandmother and that she was still able to share her happiness and excitement with you. I agree that life sometimes throws us curveballs we completely don’t expect, and that all we can do is try our best to keep moving forward. Hugs...

I love the unity cross idea! We’re still working out whether we want to do a unity ceremony, and what we want to use.

Chocolate Lover said...

So glad you were able to spend some time with your grandma! Sounds like an emotional but good visit.

Love the idea of the unity cross! Especially since its something you can have forever to remind you of that beautiful day!

Kristin said...

We are doing the cross too.. they are actually made here in Oklahoma and we talked to the guy who created it at a bridal show.

honey my heart said...

i really like the unified cross! oh my. i wish we had seen this before our wedding, it is beautiful and would be great to have in the home.

Mrs T said...

Glad you had a nice time with your Grandma. Sorry that this is a hard time for you.

The only time I have seen a unity moment in a wedding ceremony they did the wine thing - where you have two glasses of wine, you each take a sip and then pour the remainder into a third glass and then take a sip from that one. It was funny because the groom was nervous and when they told him to take a sip from his glass he drank the whole thing. Then they said - and the part you pour into the third glass is what you bring to the marriage - luckily everyone cracked up and then they poured him some more wine!

I think that cross is a really lovely symbol as it means something important to both of you.

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