Thursday, March 18, 2010

Honey, honey - give us money!!!

Is that totally inappropriate?  :) 

I want to tell you about one of our gift registries today.  It's through a site called  I heard about them from a girlfriend who married about a year and a half ago.  I think I may have told her about the idea actually and then she found the site.

Anyway, nowadays, you can opt to register for things like toasters, bedding, appliances, honeymoon travel plans and even a down payment on a new house!  You heard me.  Real Estate Agents can set up accounts for your guests to contribute to your down payment if you'd like.  I don't think I would personally go that far.  But when I heard about the opportunity to register for our honeymoon I was all over it!  Mostly because we don't need a whole ton of things for our new house since we are an 'older' more established couple.   (My girlfriend opted for the honeymoon registry because they moved into a super tiny one bedroom little studio place and didn't have room for a ton of new 'household' items.)

So, the cool thing about a honeymoon registry is that basically, your guests are just giving you cash really.  But they have different options of how to give it to you - through our site, they can pay with cash, check or using a debit or credit card via Paypal.  Of course, through Paypal, you do have to pay approximately a 3% fee on any monies received...but if you get $2,000 in gifts, then you are only paying $60 in fees.  Not bad.  And you might get more money if guests can put it on a credit card?  (You can even select an option to pass the fees onto the guests if you so choose.)

The main reason I wanted to go this route (instead of just letting guests give us cash) was because it allows your guests to feel like they are contributing a specific gift or something fun and exciting for your trip.  My sister's mother-in-law thought our site was a great idea and was excited to give us a gift of $100 yesterday towards our Resort Stay in Bali.  She doesn't have to know that in reality, the $100.00 goes into my checking account and I can use it for whatever I want - a room or groceries.  :)  Here's some of the items we registered for from our site:

It's a simple process to sign up and register for free and you can create a custom web site geared towards your trip - they even have sample vacations to suggest for you!  Here's what our site looks like:

Through they offer the guests the ability to write out a message that is printed on a gift certificate with the guests' names, message and amount of gift and what they selected to give towards.  The certificates look something like this and they can include them in a card:

So what do you think?  Have you decided to go a similar route?  Did you do any unusual type of registries for your own wedding?


Bicoastal Bride said...

We also signed up through Honeyfund, using the free option, and we love it! Plus, we’ll definitely be putting all of the money we get toward our honeymoon cruise. I can’t wait! We also created a charitable registry through

Salt said...

I do like the honeymoon registries where you can purchase excursions and spa treatments and things like that for a couple. :) We didn't do one, but cool idea!

I also am a big fan of charitable registries such as Heather mentioned!

honey my heart said...

what a great idea fir gift registry! i wish i had done it.

PartyPlannerGal said...

This is a great idea! We'll be taking our honeymoon later on, so we'll be skipping this one. We have set up links for donations in our names to be given to two charities as well. I love that you can register for so many things these days aside from pots and pans.

Chic 'n Cheap Living said...

Great idea! We loved our registry - fascinators, luggage, and donations - it was made for us and uber easy via Wishpot.

Anonymous said...

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Gaynor said...

Great idea, we did think about doing something similar but just went for a department store list in the end. Ours has the option to get gift vouchers too and some of our guests have already sent money instead. They have all been far too generous.

p.s. my hair / make-up trial pics are up on my blog and hen weekend pics part 1 are coming soon.

dognbird said...

I love the honeyfund - it's such a cool idea. We're seriously considering using it too!

Mrs T said...

Love that map design. The page looks so cool. Man it looks like a long way on that map! Pack inflatable travel pillows.

We had a honeymoon registry too. Worked really well. I did feel a little sad after that we didn't have many "things". I always love being at Mum's place when she gets out a certain dish or something and says this is from our wedding. But we did get a few things like that. And the honeymoon was awesome.

Sarah Ann said...

I LOVE this idea. For us it would be amazing because we're planning on taking our "honeymoon" on the way back home to ND. We'll have to cover the costs to get to CA and back and it's going to be pretty expensive. Having help would be great. But I'm curious, do you just write up those little things and then put in the requests and amounts? Because I'd like the option to change my plans if necessary.

Jenn said...

I have seen the other ones like travel joy but this seems so much better!

Jenn said...

eek! 27 DAYS!!!

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