Saturday, March 20, 2010

Moving Day and House Renovations

With just 27 days to go until the wedding, yesterday and today have been more pre-moving moving days.  A week from today, I will officially be moved in to Mr Fix It's home with my daughter.  Though technically, we won't be staying there until after the wedding day, all of our furniture will be moved in just a week from now.*

So tonight is my bachelorette party.  I am looking forward to just hanging out and having some fun socializing, food and laughs with my closest girlfriends.  But before the night begins, I am taking advantage of the fact that Mr Fix It is on his bachelor party in Vegas and moving in a bunch of stuff I can tackle on my own into his house. 

I also hired a maid service to come out this morning and clean the house from top to bottom since we're getting so close to being finished with all the house renovations.  There's a lot going on as usual...but this was a productive week.  Now, by next Saturday, I should (totally praying the Lord helps me out on this one) be able to completely done with all the 'work' that needs to be handled before the wedding.  I will be almost completely finished with all the DIY assembling and I won't be doing any more physical labor type work leading up to the big day for those last 20 days.  I'll be relaxing, getting massages, packing for the honeymoon and getting all our gear together that has been packed in the 'wedding storehouse**' for the past year!

So cool...totally almost there now!

*  I currently rent a condo from my mother.  She is moving back into the condo the same weekend that we are moving all of our furniture into Mr Fix It's place.  So I won't be homeless.  I'll just be living with my mom in my same house for the last two weeks leading up to the wedding.  Only it will technically be her home now and not mine anymore :)
**  aka the secret water heater storage area behind my daughter's closet.


Bicoastal Bride said...

You’re so close, girl! I know you’ll feel so much more relaxed and even more excited after the stress of moving is behind you. Have fun celebrating with your girls! Can’t wait to hear all about it! :)

Nicole said...

hey! yes we used honeyfund..worked out very nice! i also love your seating cards..your day is coming up soon!!

PartyPlannerGal said...

Yes, I feel your pain about the stress of moving, indeed. I am just one cartload away from being 100% done (just cleaned out my old place this morning). The Mr. moves his stuff in next weekend.

Have fun at your bachelorette party! I can't wait to hear all about it. Take lotsa photos!

Gaynor said...

Sounds fab, hope the move goes well.

Enjoy every second of you night tonight too, my girls totally spoilt me and it was fab!

Not long to go at all - just 14 days for me! Eeeeeeek!

Mrs T said...

You are so good being super organised! Hope it all goes as planned and you have a fab night out with the girls. Hope to see some pictures!

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