Saturday, March 27, 2010

A super busy weekend

Today is MOVING DAY!!!

I am just taking the final things out of my dresser and living room so that the guys can grab our furniture in a few hours. 

I started assembling my programs Thursday night and am trying to do 10-20 per day.  I also need to start assembling the escort cards which I just printed up all the name tags and sticker labels for yesterday. 

Tomorrow we are having a family lunch at my grandmother's house (about an hour and a half away) since we expect this will most likely be the last time that our entire family is able to be with my grandmother*.  While we are there, Mr Fix It will stay home and work on building our cake stand, attaching a stand to our 'This Way to the Wedding Sign' and finishing up some work around the house.  He'll be missed but at this point, we just don't have the ability to take many 'days off.'  There's too much to do still.

This next week I finally have totally free of any appointments - personal or wedding related.  So I can just focus on getting the final details planned out and going over my checklists in my mind. 

20 days to go!  

*  But you never know, my Grandma is tough as nails and could end up hanging on for much longer than the hospice nurses have led us to believe :)


Ruthy G. said...

20 more days! woohoo! Almost there!

Sarah Ann said...

So crazy! I'm glad you finally have a week with no appointments. Maybe it'll help you stress a little less!
And I think that that is great that your family is getting all together for lunch, your grandmother is sure to really enjoy it. =]

Gaynor said...

Hope you have a good weekend; enjoy moving and seeing your grandmother, sure it will be lovely.

Not long to go!

Mrs T said...

Best of luck with the moving! Hope the lunch with our Grandma was wonderful.

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