Friday, March 12, 2010

The 'something' post

Something old:

My jewelry (though newly made with pearls and crystals) has as it's centerpiece, an antique brooch which I had a custom designer convert into a necklace.  Since I picked up this little beauty at a vintage swap meet near my house for only $25.00, it's the perfect something old.  I also have my bracelet which is made from a clip on earring I bought at the same vintage swap meet.

Something new:

My Maggie Sottero SaBelle gown is obviously my something new.  Though I could also go with the new red Me Too shoes I bought with Mr Fix It on clearance at Nordstom's to fulfill this little part of the tradition.

Something borrowed:

This is Melody.  She is one of the girls that is in a bible study I have been leading for about 5 years now.  I have known her since high school and she is now married (1 1/2 years ago) and just got accepted to USC's med school program.  I am so proud of her.  But I am even more honored that she is letting me borrow that beautiful veil as my something borrowed on the wedding day.  It's simple and a good length for my gown.  I will only wear it for the ceremony and maybe a few photos. 

Something blue

I don't have a photo of this item, but I will have a blue brooch that was a piece of Mr Fix It's mothers costume jewelry attached to my bouquet.  She passed away long before Mr Fix It and I met when he was in his 30's.  I know he really misses her.  So when we were going through some old boxes at his place and he came across a bunch of her old jewelry and asked if I wanted any of it, I immediately saw the brooch and told him that I would be using this somehow on our wedding day :)

So let's hear it girls...are you willing to share your 'somethings' from your big day?


SG said...

Something new- My dress :)

Something old/borrowed- my grandmother's engagement ring which I will wear on my right hand. Currently my mother has the ring but I told her I want to wear it at the wedding

Something blue- My shoes which I LOVE!!

PartyPlannerGal said...

I love that you are wearing Mr. Fix-it's mother's brooch as your "something blue." That is so meaningful! My something old will be the vintage brooch on my bouquet stems, I have about a million somethings new - (dress, shoes, jewelry), my something blue is the feather on my garter, and I still need to think of a something borrowed!

very married said...

haha - i gotta admit. I didn't do it. I meant to but then time flies and some things had to get dropped. oh well! (i LOVE that necklace btw)

Bicoastal Bride said...

Great picks! Your jewelry, dress and borrowed veil are gorgeous! Can’t wait to see pictures of the brooch, too. I’ve just about got my “somethings” worked out, and will definitely do a post about them soon! :)

megan marie said...

I love your something old! what a great find.

honey my heart said...

all oh your somethings are great!! i wish mine were that cool (my something borrowed was lip gloss!)the veil is so pretty, too.

Chocolate Lover said...

Love your something blue! So sweet of you to do! I'm sure Mr. Fix It will love it! My something blue will be my shoes :) As for the rest, need to figure it out!

The Professional Bridesmaid said...

I love your pretty. Can't believe it was $25!

Kristy said...

oh i love this post! now this is the fun stuff! the broach necklace is amazing - good eye to spot it for it's potential! i know i am going to wear blue shoes but that's as far as i've gotten at the moment - i can't wait to see photos of your something blue either - so sweet.

Salt said...

All of them are beautiful! I am so in love with that necklace.

My old and borrowed were the same was a bracelet that belonged to my husband's mother.

My new was all the rest of my attire.

My blue was a little blue bow that was sewn into the inside of my garter!

Miss C said...

Your dress is beautiful!

My something old will be my grandmother's antique watch.

My something new will be my dress.

That's as far as I've got!

Gaynor said...

Something Old - my Grandmothers Sapphire ring which she left me when she died.

Something New - almost every single thing im wearing; dress, shoes, jewellery, veil, tiara etc etc but really my dress!

Something Borrowed - my mums garter from her wedding.

Something Blue - either the sapphire ring again or my sister got me those blue I Do rhinestones that could go on the bottom of my shoes.

then I also have a sixpence for my shoe which my aunt gave me at my hen weekend.

Hope your bachelorette party was fab - i just got back from my hen weekend and it was brilliant!

Mrs T said...

I love that you will have his mothers brooch with you. Lovely.

Something old - my great grandmothers watch
Something new - my dress
Something borrowed - my mothers veil
Something blue - my mother sewed a label that was embroidered in blue into my dress on the morning of the wedding.

Love this tradition.

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