Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Magic makes it all better

I have been frustrated with a few vendors lately...people who go back on their word, or change the plans, or somehow mess up the plans, or who I find out have something incorrect related to the wedding.  I typically discover these issues when I am touching base via e-mail or phone to confirm things with them (that have already been confirmed months or even a year ago!). 

Well, after posting a quick blurb on my Facebook status about my frustrations yesterday, I received this comment from the magician who will be strolling amongst the guests during our cocktail hour to entertain them:

I love it!

Totally made me feel better.  I can't wait for Jeff Ezell to blow our guests' minds with his amazing magic tricks and entertainment!  He has been a fun FB friend commenting on some of my wedding related posts over the past year (we booked him last February in 2009) and definitely one of the vendors I am most excited about!

And our DJ (Justin) has been super cool with helping out while trying to get all our info together for the song selections.  And he even helped 'mediate' a little spat between me and Mr Fix It last week in our meeting when he suggested we just let every member of our wedding party come in to their own song since we couldn't agree on the songs to use.  :) 

Yesterday was yet ANOTHER day of stress and wedding related drama with the inlaws which I again will refrain from sharing due to protecting the innocent :)  But thankfully, I have most of my vendors who get me focused and excited for our big day!

Do/Did any of you ladies have a vendor who helps make you feel better when you are stressed out or frustrated with other people or vendors during your wedding planning?


Brittany said...

We talked about having a magician at our reception for the kids but it all feel through. I think that is such a fun and cute idea. All age groups will loving seeing a mgic show! Hope you have a stress free few weeks!

Ruthy T said...

i must have totally lucked out...I had amazing vendors who all pulled through and went the extra mile. I'm so sorry you're dealing with such a dud!

Sarah Ann said...

Glad to hear that you blew off some steam and are feeling better. I can't relate to the vendors but I can to the in-laws! I broke down in tears the other day because my MIL keeps pushing pushing pushing for details and it's making me want to pull my hair out.

PartyPlannerGal said...

I have no love for vendors right now. Our caterers are great, and so is our florist, but all of the other ones are stressing me out. Including the lady who runs the shop that I ordered my gown from . . . argh!!!

Mrs T said...

Most of our vendors SUCKED!!!! But what can you do?

Hope that yours are all SUPER STARS!

Mrs T said...

P.s. Look me up on facebook!

Chocolate Lover said...

Ok things need to start going better for you NOW! Enough of this BS I say!

Salt said...

16 days!!! I can't believe it!!! It's always so stressful when you get down to the wire. I just know that everything is going to be perfect though.

A magic show!? What fun!

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