Wednesday, March 17, 2010

What the mom's are wearing

So Mr Fix It and I are not spring chickens at 47 and 37 years old.  Which means our moms are also a little older than maybe your average bride's mom :)  But who knows?  Maybe not.  People always say my mom looks like my sister.  She's only 18 years older than me.  Mr Fix It's mom is actually his step-mom as his real mother passed away years ago.  However, his step-mother has been married to his father for 40 years now and he calls her mom and thinks of her as such, so we don't make any distinction.  She is, afterall, the mother to his three half siblings. 

Anyway, I wanted our moms to feel comfy *and* dressy on our wedding day.  And I wanted them in age appropriate attire.  (My mom can tend to go for things that I think are a little younger than her years should allow.)  But I also didn't want to put any huge restrictions or demands on them.  So I was thrilled when we found a dress for mom that is truly flattering on her figure that we actually both love!  Not only that, but it is a very complimentary color to my girls' dresses and our wedding colors.

My mom will be in this Marc Bouwer Glammit draped gown with a little chiffon bolero:

But hers will be in this pretty dark teal color:

And Mr Fix It's mother has opted to wear a dress that her daughter picked out for her at her wedding a few years ago.  I think it matches the style and formality of my mother's gown well:


We scored on the Marc Bouwer gown as it went on sale right after Thanksgiving for $200 less than what it was listed at!  And since Mr Fix It's mom already had her gown, she obviously didn't have to come up with any extra cash. 

Have you ladies decided what your moms will be wearing on the big day?  Did you have much input or requests for them as to how you wanted them to dress?


Gaynor said...

I think both outfits are gorgeous.

I didnt have any specific requirements for my mum, she wanted something that wasnt long but would tie in with the bridesmaids colour which we found pretty quickly in 1 day.

p.s my mum is just 1 year younger than yours!

SG said...

I love the dress my mom picked out, it's really elegant and not a typical MOB type of dress. However she's gained a bit of weight since she ordered it last summer and now feels self conscious in it. My seamstress is going to fix it and make it look stunning on her though.

Kristian's mom still hasn't bought a dress b/c she's been wanting to lose weight. We are just over 2 months out from the wedding. Not sure how much longer she plans to wait but it's not something I'm going to stress about b/c I have enough stuff to stress about instead!

Both of those dresses are really pretty!

Patience said...

Both my mom and my future MIL are wearing Navy. I honesly could care less what they wear. My mom asked my opinion and I helped her pick her dress out, but it was what she wanted.

Chic 'n Cheap Living said...

My mom wore two custom chipaos (traditional Chinese dresses). She looked amazing and I trusted her taste.

I love your mom's dress (and his mom's too). So elegant and your mom is super young. Looking at you and your daughter, she'll look great I'm sure.

Bicoastal Bride said...

I love the gown your mom will be wearing! It’s elegant and so classy. My mom is very small and petite like me, so we went shopping together during the holidays and picked out a lovely knee-length silver gown, which I gave her as a gift. My mom never pampers herself or treats herself to new clothes, so I was really excited to be able to give her this special gift.

PartyPlannerGal said...

I love both gowns, especially the teal one your mother selected.

My mom and I have not started the search. My fiance's mom is going to wear a sari, which she is probably purchasing in India as we speak. My mom is plus-sized, and she doesn't like to wear dresses, so I think we're going to look for a formal palazzo pant-suit type outfit.

honey my heart said...

very pretty gown choices :) since our wedding was during the summer, both moms wore cocktail dresses. and my mom got a sparkly one.

Mrs T said...

Love the dresses - great picks. My Mum really struggled to find something she liked that wasn't too "old" (she's 59 - but doesn't look it!). (She'll kill me for putting that info on the web).

P.s. How good are your guests at RSVP'ing - only 17 to go. Awesome.

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