Tuesday, March 2, 2010

If he's getting cold feet....

Over on Chocolate Lover's Confessions, Mr Milk talked last week about a joke he made that he might be getting cold feet.  I commented on his post about the little gift I am giving Mr Fix It on the morning of the wedding regarding 'cold feet.'  Since I had a couple blogger friends mention they want to steal my idea I figured I'd share the site with you all.

While I'm at it, maybe you can give me some feedback?  At first, I wanted to get socks for each groomsmen that would be personal to him.  For example, for Mr Fix It's surfing friends, I could gift them these:

For his brother who is an environmentalist nut, I thought about these:

For Mr Fix It himself, how about these?

The problem with that, was that getting different colored silly socks for each guy would not make for the greatest shot (in my opinion) that I was hoping to nab like this:

So I thought about it and decided perhaps argyle *IS* the way to go.  So which of these two do you think I should go for?  The classic black with the red in them (all the guys will be in black tuxes and shirts with red vests) or the bright fun red with grey?

I'd get the one on the left in red from http://www.tonsofsocks.com/ ($13.50 per pair)

These are from http://www.sockdreams.com/ and are only $7.00 per pair

So, ladies?  Which ones should I go for?  I am leaning towards the black ones just because I'll save half the money I'd spend on the Ralph Lauren ones.  But the RL ones are brighter and funner.  But the guys might actually wear the black ones again?

Anyway, the point is...once I buy them.  I will throw them in with their groomsmen gifts that we're handing out at the rehearsal.  But Mr Fix It will get his on the morning of the wedding (I'm going to have a brother hand them off to him while they're getting dressed).

And his pair will be wrapped in this cute little label that I found on this site

They have a different one that is very similar but with a little more color and a slightly different phrase as well.  The label is only $7.50 and they e-mail you a .pdf document to print it on whatever paper you want.  You could probably DIY but I don't have time at this point.  It says "For My Husband To Be -  For your potentially Cold Feet - From your loving Bride"

Cute, right?

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Patience said...

I bought the red argyle socks for our wedding because I am wearing red shoes.

JEM - Aqua Bride said...

I think for the sole reason that the guys will be able to wear the black ones again more easily than the red ones, oh and the price is a just a bonus reason.

PartyPlannerGal said...

I like the classic look of the black socks with red. The price is just icing on the cake! Thanks for the links to these sock sites - I had been looking for some yellow argyle like the RL above for the groomsmen.

And you KNOW I love the "cold feet" template. You have the best ideas!

honey my heart said...

love socks details on guys. the hubs and groomsmen wore purple argyle, but i love the wave ones you posted.

Chocolate Lover said...

Thanks for the shout out lady! I think I prefer the RL ones for the reasons you mentioned, but the black ones look good too. Plus from the pic, the red on the black socks looks more cranberry like.

Alissa said...

I love the sock pic in weddings. I agree on black so that they can be worn again.

Mrs T said...

I say go the cheaper socks. They are great! Although I do adore those Mr Fix it socks.

I have always loved those sock labels too. Such a cute touch.

Hope your photographer gets a killer sock shot.

buhdoop said...

I like the red ones. They are fun and will pop in the picture. I'm sure they will wear them again even if it means just around the house.

Anonymous said...

I read this yeaterday and put on my list... get boys cute socks. Anyways just in is pretty bummed that boys dont have a ton of fashion choices for weddings.

Thanks for your sweet comment on our proposal! It was so sweet and the balloons made everything so magical! The rest of the weekend we just walked around in a house full of balloons! It was so much fun!

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